V. K. Cody Bumgardner


A 20 year career, comprised of strategic planning, technical, and leadership roles in the areas of IT architecture, software development, networking, research, systems, and security.

Curriculum Vitae



Current Projects

  • Clinical Genomics Processing System

  • Cresco: Distributed Resource Management Framework

  • MRI: Acquisition of the Kentucky Research Informatics Cloud (KyRIC)

  • CC*DNI Networking Infrastructure: An Software Defined Networking-Enabled Research Infrastructure

  • IRNC: AMI: Collaborative Research: Software-Defined and Privacy-Preserving Network Measurement Instrument and Services for Understanding Data-Driven Science Discovery
  • Recent Projects

  • HP and SDN

  • Dell and OpenStack

  • GENI Monitoring

  • Book: OpenStack In Action

  • CC-NIE Integration: Advancing Science Through Next Generation SDN Networks

  • KyRON 100G Upgrade

  • Regional KPEN to KyRON transition